TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Module


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TB6612FNG is a driver IC for DC motor with output transistor in LD MOS structure with low ON-resistor. Two input signals, IN1 and IN2, can choose one of four modes such as CW, CCW, short brake, and stop mode. The two motor outputs (A and B) can be separately controlled and the speed of each motor is controlled via a PWM input signal with a frequency up to 100kHz. The STBY pin should be pulled high to take the motor out of standby mode.


  • Power supply voltage: VM = 15V max, VCC = 2.7–5.5V
  • Output current: Iout = 1.2A (average) / 3.2A (peak)
  • Standby control to save power
  • CW/CCW/short-brake/stop motor control modes
  • Built-in thermal shutdown circuit and low-voltage detecting circuit
  • All pins of the TB6612FNG broken out to 2.54mm spaced pins
  • Filtering capacitors on both supply lines

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TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Module

TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Module

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