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We do not recommend this product unless you are experienced with very high voltages! We do not assume the responsibility for any damage create while using it! Warning VERY HIGH VOLTAGE!

Using the ideas of the scientist Nikola Tesla, this kit provides a musical lightning show. The kit produces very high voltage, but low current. You can play music from a phone or computer. With an input of 15-24V, the arc can reach up 10mm in ideal situations. You can wirelessly power neon lights, power saving lamps many more. It has a small size and it can be completed in short time following the step-by-step guide.

We advise checking the resistors with a multimeter.

Resistor codes


The kit includes:

  • 2 x 2kΩ resistor

  • 2 x 10kΩ resistor

  • 2 x Blue LED

  • 1 x 10μF 16v electrolytic capacitor

  • 1 x 1μF 50v film capacitor

  • 1 x J1 DC5.5 power jack

  • 1 x  12cm wire

  • 1 x BD243C

  • 1 x 80nf70 FET (the kit sometimes ships with HY100NN85 FET or 75nf75 FET instead)

  • 2 x Aluminium radiator

  • 1 x Coil 0.13 / 370T

  • 4 x Double Tong M3

  • 6 x Screws

  • 1 x J2 3.5 audio socket




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Tesla Coil Kit

Tesla Coil Kit

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