Terms and conditions of use

ARDUSHOP SRL, RO32463569, the owner and operator of this site is based in Romania, operating under Romanian law.

Due to this, the full terms and conditions are only published in Romanian, please consult the appropriate page.

Placing an order on the site represents a contract governed by the Terms and Conditions expressed in the Romanian version of this page.

The complete list of GroundStudio products can be found here: 


All are developed and manufactured by us on our small PCBA line.

If you want to directly purchase from our online shop based in Romania, please read below:

  1. EU countries:

    1. Due to low volume outside Romania, we only have competitive rates (~7 EUR) to Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece. 

    2. All other countries have rates between 20-50 EUR, depending on the distance to Romania.

    3. Most countries are disabled on the site, we enable them individually by request once we check the shipping cost. Please contact us if you want to enable your country.

    4. We accept payments in EUR only via bank transfer (SEPA), based on an invoice generated manually. Please do not make any payment before receiving written instructions from us!

    5. Due to a technical issue, the site only works for RON. If you want to place an order, please do it in RON and we will send you the EUR invoice later. A fix is in the works but we don’t have a specific date for implementation.

    6. VAT: 19% for private individuals, 0% for companies.

    7. Orders will be delivered only after payment confirmation from our bank.

  1. Non EU countries:

    1. We are a small company and have never directly sold outside EU. From our initial research, the customs procedures and paperwork are different based on country. All are very cumbersome so we will only do that for very large orders ( > 5000 EUR)

    2. You will be responsible to pay any customs duties and taxes and provide all required paperwork.

    3. If you represent a company and are interested in being a distributor, please send us an email to sales@ardushop.ro

    4. Also, if you have a suggestion of a local distributor, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  2. UK

    1. Due to BREXIT, no. 2 applies to you as well. Fortunately, one of the possible distributors is UK based so keeping fingers crossed.

  3. US

    1. We can accept payments in USD but for the conditions, see no. 2 above. Shipping will have to be set up individually.

  4. Australia

    1. Please see no. 2 above. We only accept EUR and USD payments and keep in mind that the shipping costs can be extremely high.

  5. Non EU countries near Romania (Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro)

    1. While geographically close, we still need to do customs procedures so point 2 applies.

  6. Norway

    1. We can deliver there without customs but keep in mind that, due to the distance, the shipping cost is very high (~50 EUR).

  7. Switzerland

    1. We can freely sell there (no customs) but our carrier does not cover Switzerland.

    2. For large orders we can arrange personalized shipping.