GPS Module NEO-6M

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The GPS system uses radio waves and satellite navigation to determine the position. GPS modules receive satellite signals. The position (latitude, longitude, altitude) is calculated by knowing the position of at least four satellites receiving the GPS signal at different times. Normally, three satellites are sufficient to determine the three coordinates (space position), and the fourth satellite is used to minimize errors.
The GY-NEO6MV2 GPS module is easy to use, communicates through serial transmission, and feeds to 5V. It can be used with a baudrate of 4800.9600 or 115200.


Supply voltage: from 3 V to 5 V;
Model: GY-GPS6MV2;
Antenna: made of ceramics;
EEPROM to save information when power is interrupted;
Spare battery;
Antenna size: 25 x 25 mm;
Module size: 25 x 35 mm;
Mounting hole diameter: 3 mm;



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GPS Module NEO-6M

GPS Module NEO-6M

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