Development Board Attiny85 LilyPad


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The CJMCU card is a small microcontroller based on the ATTiny85 chipset. It is perfect for wearable projects. Also widely used in electronic projects due to its compatibility with the Arduino IDE, bringing an ATtiny85 and the necessary circuits to be programmable via USB. Programming is simple by simply plugging the board directly to your computer using a USB Cable. The board has 6 logic ports for prototyping. It allows power via USB 5V or by a source with voltages between 7 to 16V, remembering that it has an onboard 5V regulator. It also has LEDs to indicate the status and operation and easy access to the logic pins.


Product Type: Wearable Modules
Microcontroller: Atmel ATtiny85
Power: USB or External Power Source 7 – 16v
Communication: Support SPI / TWI
Interface: Micro USB
Pins: 5 (1 Reserved for Reset)
Flash Memory: 8 KB
SRAM: 512 bytes
EEPROM: 512 bytes
Diameter: 25 mm
Weight: 2g
Thickness: 4mm
Colour: Purple

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Development Board Attiny85 LilyPad

Development Board Attiny85 LilyPad

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