Stepper Motor Driver DM542

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The DM542 belongs to the 2-phase hybrid stepper motor drivers. The operating voltage is between 18 and 50 VDC. The DM542 is designed for all types of 2-phase hybrid stepper motors that have an outside diameter of 42 to 86 mm and require a phase current of less than 4.0 A. The DM542 is designed for use with all types of 2-phase hybrid stepper motors. The circuitry is similar to that of the servo control and allows the motor to run smoothly and with low noise and vibration. The DM542 driver is used in medium and large numerical control devices such as bending and CNC machines, packaging machines and computer-controlled knitting machines.


 1. Power supply voltage: 24-50V DC  (24-48VDC is recommended)
 2, 15 subdivisions are optional: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 5, 10, 20, 25, 40, 50, 100, 125
 3, the peak current can reach 4.2A (recommended to drive the following 4NM 86 and the full range of 57 motors)
 4, optocoupler isolation, input can be common, common
 5, small vibration, low noise
 6, strong anti-interference ability
 7, with overheating, overcurrent, undervoltage lockout, input voltage anti-reverse protection and other functions
 , can drive 4-wire, 6-wire, 8-wire stepper motor
 , control signal 3.3V~24V universal, no series resistor
 10 , signal input: single-ended, pulse / direction

Eectrical characteristics

 Input power24-50V DC power supply.
 Output current 1.00A-4.20A, 8 files adjustable.
 Drive mode Dual constant current PWM drive output.
 Insulation resistance >500MΩ at normal temperature and pressure.
 Dielectric strength 500V/min under normal temperature and pressure.
 Weight About 0.25 kg.

Environmental requirements

      cooling method        Naturally cooled or forced air cooled.
Use occasion  Avoid dust, oil and corrosive gases, and prohibit flammable gases and conductive dust.
Storage temperature -20°C-65°C
environment humidity <80% RH, no condensation, no frost.
Shock No more than 5.7m/S2

The drive interface function

 Signal interface: PUL+ and PUL- are the positive and negative terminals of the control pulse signal; DIR+ and DIR- are the positive and negative terminals of the direction signal; EN+ and EN- are the positive and negative terminals of the enable signal.
 Motor interface: A+ and A- are connected to the positive and negative ends of the A-phase winding of the stepping motor; B+ and B- are connected to the positive and negative ends of the B-phase winding of the stepping motor. When the A and B two-phase windings are exchanged, the motors can be reversed in opposite directions.
 Power interface: powered by DC power supply, operating voltage range is 24-50VDC.
 Indicator light: The drive has two indicators, red and green The green indicator light is the power indicator light. When the driver is powered on, the indicator light is always on; when the driver is powered off, theindicator light is off. The red indicator light is the fault indicator. When a fault occurs, the indicator is on. When the fault is cleared, the red indicator is off.

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Stepper Motor Driver DM542

Stepper Motor Driver DM542

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