2 in 1 hotend for 3D printer

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XCR 2IN1-V2 Color Switching Hotend Compared with XCR 2IN1-V1 , the size of XCR 2IN1-V2 is reduced, the heat dissipation area is increased, and the distance for retreating is shortened, which make the printing quality effectively improved, the operation more flexible, the printing time shortened, and the work efficiency improved.

1. The shape is small and exquisite, and the installation is simple. The fan installation holes are reserved for fixing. The side of the top hole of the throat is installed to make the hotend replacement simple and convenient;
2. The main body size is 30mm*30mm*62mm, weight 57.1g, with good heat dissipation, light weight, and flexible color switching.
3. The improved version of XCR-NV6 heating block supports a variety of temperature measurement methods, no need to replace the module. 
4. NV6 heating block with silicone sleeve can enhance the insulation effect and prevent burns.



Filament size: 1.75mm 

Nozzle size: 0.4mm(NV6 hotend)

Feeding type: Bowden

Main Body Size: 30*30*62mm

Weight: 57.1g

Main material: Aluminum alloy


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2 in 1 hotend for 3D printer

2 in 1 hotend for 3D printer

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