Multimeter Test Probes for SMD

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This device plugs into a multimeter and allows users to test SMDs using tweezer-like probes instead of the long wire leads. Measuring SMD components can be difficult to measure with long wire leads that require both hands to operate, especially those that are very small or on crowded PCBs; SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers are a good solution to this problem. Just by connecting the SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers to the multimeter, the tweezers act as the probes. To measure a component, squeeze the tweezers gently on the component and review the measurement values on the multimeter. The black and red arms help determine the polarity of the components, with black representing cathode (-) and red for anode (+).


Size168mm x 30mm
Cable Length400mm
Weight47 g
ColourBlack and Red
Advantages:Low-cost alternative to tweezer-type LCR-metersFits most multimetersTips reach components to a 0402 size (metric code 1005)
Parasitics:Wires have a parastic resistance of 0.3 OhmsInductance offset: 1 mHParasitic Capacitance: 30 pF

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Multimeter Test Probes for SMD

Multimeter Test Probes for SMD

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