Step Down Module 8V-35V to 5V 8A

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1. 4 independent private charging management IC, can effectively support all kinds of mobile phones for maximum current charging, fast charging, safe and reliable.
2. Charge recognition IC compatible apple An Zhuoquan series products, the vast majority of mobile phones can reach the fastest charging speed.
3. The 4 USB is supported by 2A current charging, the current is fast and the total output current can reach 8A.
4. The input uses the MOS tube back protection to maximize the conversion efficiency and reduce the loss.
5. Output with overvoltage protection, to see the effective protection of the mobile phone.
6. 8-35V ultra wide input voltage, 12V 24V car can be perfect support.
7. The synchronous rectification scheme can effectively reduce the calorific value and improve the efficiency, and the maximum efficiency can reach 96%.
8. Industry advanced flat line large current inductance, low current heat, high conversion efficiency.
9. 4 high quality patch capacitors, and then increase the capacity of MLCC, the output ripple is lower, and the interference is smaller.
10. High quality double layer gold plating USB mouth, life is 2 times as long as ordinary USB.


the output voltage is about 5.2V.
Appearance size:
54 (long) *39 (wide) *21 (high) mm (including USB)
Pin mode:
VIN, GND, input positive public OUT positive output


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Step Down Module 8V-35V to 5V 8A

Step Down Module 8V-35V to 5V 8A

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