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Stepper motor driver

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EasyDriver can drive up to about 750mA per phase of a bi-polar stepper motor.

It defaults to 8 step microstepping mode. (So if your motor is 200 full steps per revolution, you would get 1600 steps/rev using EasyDriver.) This setting can be easily overridden by tying the MS1 and/or MS2 pin to ground to set the driver to use 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 microstep mode (See the datasheet for the table of values).

It is a chopper microstepping driver based on the Allegro A3967 driver chip. For the complete specs of the design, read the A3967 datasheet.

It has a variable max current from about 150mA/phase to 750mA/phase. It can take a maximum motor drive voltage of around 30V, and includes on-board 5V regulation, so only one supply is necessary.

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Stepper motor driver EasyDriver

Stepper motor driver EasyDriver

Stepper motor driver

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