LCD Display 1602 blue + i2c adapter

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2004 LCD module displays 2 lines of 16 characters. It is ideal for electronics projects that have displayed more information. It can be used easily and in low light conditions because it has light and backlight.Backlight also need to be protected by resistance or potentiometer 2k. To reduce the pins that you will use to connect the LCD to the controller you can use an I2C module.


Voltage: 5V;

Current: 2 mA;

Backlight supply voltage: 4.2V;

Backlight current: 250mA (MAX).

Dimensions: 98mm x 60mm x 14mm

Practical example

For this example we will use a LCD2004, a I2C module for LCD, one Arduino Mega/Uno and a power supply

1. Device Assembly

First of all we will make the connections between devices as shown below  


2. We check for i2c adress in Arduino IDE with the i2c_scanner you have in "Download" section

3. We add LCD_i2c library, wich you also find in "Downloads" and after you open one of library's example and in change the adress with the one you found earlier and upload.

After all you should have similar results



pine 1: ss;

pine 2: VDD;

pine 3: Vo - LCD contrast (between VSS and VDD V);

pine 4: RS;

pin 5: R / W;

pine 6: E - enable;

Pine 7-14: DB0 - DB7;

15 pin: V + backlight;

pin 16: backlight V-




Functioneaza super. Comanda expediata promt.

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LCD Display 1602 blue + i2c adapter

LCD Display 1602 blue + i2c adapter

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