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1x Development board UNO R3 Arduino compatible


1x LED Matrix 8x8 with IC

1x High Sensitivity Sound detection Microphone Module KY-037

1x Dual axis joystick module

1x 9V battery plug + connector

1x Temperature sensor LM35DZ

1x Liniar potentiometer 10K

1x IR Remote Control + Battery CR2025

10 x Dupont wires male-female 20cm

1x Precision RTC module DS3231

10x LED 5mm Yellow

10x LED 5mm Red

10x LED 5mm Green

1x DHT11 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

1x 4x4 Push Button Keyboard Matrix Module

1x LM393 IR Flame Sensor Module

1x Receiver VS1838B

1x Water level sensor Module

1x Relay Module 1 channel

3x Light Sensor module

1x Breadboard 830

1x 7 segment led display

1x 4x7 segment led display

1x USB Cable A-B 1.5m Arduino Mega, UNO, printer

65 x Jumper wires

1x Kit RFID 13.56 MHz

1x SG90 Servomotor

1x Stepper 5V DC 4-Phase 28BYJ-48 Geared + driver

1x IC Shift register SN74HC595N 74HC595

1x LCD 1602

1x Buzzer passive

1x Buzzer active

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Learning Kit RFID

Learning Kit RFID

Pack content

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