PLA Filament - PREMIUM - Silver - 1Kg - 1.75mm


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Filament for 3d printers, PREMIUM quality.

Ideal for beginners due to the fact that it deforms very little when it cools down.

This almost elilminates one of the most important negative effects in 3d printing: warping.

PLA is biodegradable, being manufactured from a renewable resource (corn).


Glass temperature60-65 °C
Melting temperature150-160 °C 
Printing temperature195-215 °C
Heated bed temperature65-70 °C
Filament diameter1.75mm
Net weight (filament)1Kg


Un filament foarte bun

Se topește uniform și e foarte ușor de printat cu el. Aspectul este plăcut, arată ca în imagini. Prețul este foarte bun.

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PLA Filament - PREMIUM - Silver - 1Kg - 1.75mm

PLA Filament - PREMIUM - Silver - 1Kg - 1.75mm

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