Dual H-Bridge for DC and stepper motors

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High power dual H-bridge module

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L298N is a dual H-bridge monolitic high power integrated circuit designed to accept standard TTL levels for control.

Can be used to control relays, solenoids, DC and stepper motors.

Each bridge can be activated or deactivated individually by using the ENA, ENB pins.

The module contains a voltage stabiliser (5V) which allows it to work at high voltages.

L298N module schematic


-Operating voltage: up to 40V

-Operating current: up to 3A (25W in total)

-Low saturation current

-Overheating protection

-Can operate 2 motors simultaneously

- High noise immunity: "0" logic level up to 1.5V

- Voltage regulator (78M05). This is enabled from the JP8 jumper. To avoid burning this circuit use an external 5V power source when the motor voltage is over 12V (and disable JP8). 

How to control a DC motor:

ENAIN1IN2State of the DC motor (A)
101Clockwise rotation
110Counterclockwise rotation

To control the motor speed, the ENA pin must be connected to a PWM pin on the Arduino.

Datasheet: L298_H_Bridge_1.pdf


    Tensiune 5v

    Atentie la circuitul regulator de pe placa! Am cuplat placa la arduino si un motor stepper cu doi poli si nu functiona. Dupa masuratori, lipsea tensiunea de 5v iar dupa o verificare amanuntita, in loc de 7805 avea un n-mosfet KIA50N03.

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    Dual H-Bridge for DC and stepper motors

    Dual H-Bridge for DC and stepper motors

    High power dual H-bridge module

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