Color sensor module TCS230

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With the TCS230 we can determine the intensity of light for each color.
Sensor operation is based on the conversion of the light wavelength into a rectangular signal of a given frequency for each color.
The module has 4 LEDs of different colors that can be used separately. The integrated circuit also has an enable pin. When the circuit is in sleep mode, the power consumption drops to 15 μA.
The TCS230 uses a photodiode matrix. These are circuit elements that allow the current to pass in the presence of a light radiation of a certain frequency (the color is frequency dependent).
The TCS230 contains a 8x8 photodiode array, using 16 diodes that open in the presence of red light, 16 for blue, 16 for green and 16 for white light (white light is obtained by combining all colors).
The module will output a rectangular signal with a color dependent frequency.


Supply voltage: 2.7V - 5.5V;
Current consumed: 3mA;
Frequency response by generating a rectangular signal;
Dimensions: 32mm x 25mm;



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Color sensor module TCS230

Color sensor module TCS230

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